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About Me

As a child I painted and doodled and as my mother said and continues to say “I was always creating somewhere”!

I found school challenging, always difficult to sit still, sometimes finding it hard to understand why people never saw things the way I did!!!

I originally trained as a window dresser, I enjoyed many years working around the country, creating wonderful visual spaces.

Restless by nature, I travelled the world and fuelled my passion for all things exciting and intriguing. Experiencing different cultures and places.

Eventually settling down, having a beautiful daughter and two naughty dogs!!!! Life was good……

But life throws you curve balls ……..
Having battled with breast cancer the death of my sister had a huge impact on my work and life choices, and as a result I stopped painting for a number of years!!!!

Life took another turn!…….
So with divorce under my belt my desire to be free and find myself again, creativity hit me like a tidal wave.

With many artists their work is them-that is so true in my work, a sense of humour, a vivid imagination combined with a kaleidoscope of colour.

My work has changed somewhat with maturity, I am able to give each painting more time rather than rushing to the finish!!!
Not always commercially viable! I paint what I see and what I love to paint.

Excepting who you are has only just found me!!!!

One thing I am sure of is with my work is ……. Love or hate it you can’t ignore it!!!!!!


“Kate Rees is amazing. I had such fun visiting her beautiful gallery and discovering her vibrant, joyful work. I’m so glad to have found such a talent. I’m already saving for my next visit - Kate Rees and her work enhance life.”


“I love my paintings. "Archie" is fabulous, you have captured his personality perfectly, it's such fun! And "Don't ask me what's for supper" has such pathos, I love your use of colour. You are so talented. I will definitely be back for more!"


“We went to see Kate and asked her to paint us a picture with the theme of Swifts, as they are feature of where we live. We are thrilled with the result and we absolutely love our unique painting. It is quite a focal point and receives many admiring comments."


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